Relax And Remain Calm

Posted By on February 12, 2020

Relax And Remain Calm

“The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” Exodus 14:14, NLT

In the middle of a hurricane is what is called the “eye”. In this eye, there is calm and blue sky, but yet, all around the calm and the blue sky of the eye is a dangerous storm with high winds, rain, and dark clouds. It is a weather phenomenon.

It could be said that there is a spiritual phenomenon taking place if all around us there is a raging storm taking place in our life, but yet, we remain calm and at peace about the raging storm and the problems the storm may be bringing into our life.

In our scripture for today, Moses is speaking to the Hebrew children as they stand at the edge of the Red Sea with the angry Egyptians closing in on them in order to bring them back into slavery in Egypt.

Moses tells them that the Lord is going to fight for them and they just need to remain calm.

What great advice for the Hebrews in their time of trouble and what great advice for us in the times of our troubles. When the storm in your life is raging, these words are great to have hid in your heart so you can encourage yourself with them as you try to remain calm in the midst of your own storm.

“The Lord will fight this battle for me; I just need to remain calm”.

Realize and relax! Those are two important words to remember and practice when a storm moves into your life. Realize and relax! Realize that The Lord will fight this battle for you and tell yourself to relax and remain calm.

Riley Pippen