I Know There Is A Remedy In God’s Book

Posted By on May 5, 2020

These Things I Know

“I Know There Is A Remedy In God’s Book”

“How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103, NKJV

For the Christian, the daily reading of the Scriptures is the nourishment of the soul. The value of the Bible to the Christian has been expressed as; the believer’s map, the pilgrim’s staff, the pilot’s compass, the soldier’s sword, and the Christian’s charter. Someone once said regarding the reading of the Bible; “Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, and practice it to be holy. Read it slowly, frequently, and prayerfully.”

When we are down, it can lift us up. When we are sad, it can give us joy. When we are discouraged, it can give us hope. When we are wrong, it can set us right. When we are lonely, it can be a friend. When we are empty, it can fill us up. When we are in doubt, it can reassure us. When we are angry, it can calm us. When we are hurt, it can soothe us. When we are searching, it can guide us and when we are confused, it can teach us.

Be encouraged today that if you own the Bible, you own the most precious and powerful book known to man. Read it slowly, frequently, and prayerfully.

With Blessings

Bro. Riley