The Helper

Posted By on September 28, 2022

The Helper

“…He will give you another Helper,… the Spirit of truth…” John 14:16, NKJV

Life can be hard and difficult and sometimes discouraging. There are times we need help in dealing with life.

In the creation account, found in the Book of Genesis, God gave Adam a “help-meet”; one that was going to be a helper for Adam; her name was Eve.

Here in the New Testament, God tells us that He is going to give us a helper; as it turns out this helper is the Holy Spirit.

We need this kind of help each and every day of life. There is so much that Holy Spirit can do for us.

He can teach us about spiritual matters. He can comfort us when things are hard. He can guide us when we need to make decisions. He can help us when we are trying to resist temptation.

The list of things the Holy Spirit can do for us would be extremely long. Let’s just understand God gave to us a great gift when He gave us the Holy Spirit to help on our journey of Christianity.

Be encouraged today in knowing that you are never alone and you never have to walk through any valley without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Riley Pippen