Things Will Get Better

Posted By on January 31, 2023

Things Will Get Better

“It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes.” Psalm 119:71, NKJV

I have been convinced for a long time that problems come into our life for a purpose and that God can take anything negative in our life and turn it into a positive.

The verse for today strengthens my belief in that. David said it was good that he had been afflicted. If that was the end of this verse, this verse would be very confusing for most of us.

The rest of the verse gives sense and purpose to the first part of this verse; “that I may learn Your statutes”.

That verse teaches us that even through troubles and problems in our life, God can do some very good things and we can learn more about ourselves and more about God during those troubles and problems.

Things we learn while we are walking through the valley are things we will never learn resting on the mountaintop.

Be encouraged today in knowing that you were designed to learn, even in the difficult times of your life. Rest assured that the valley you may be in today is full of valuable lessons that you will not learn anywhere else.

Riley Pippen