How Deep Is God’s Pit?

Posted By on October 25, 2020

The Sin Pit Of God

“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” Romans 5:20, NKJV

Have you ever thought; what do they do with all our trash? They take it to a land fill and bury it over and over again. We cannot imagine how deep the pit must be that holds all our trash.

Our scripture for today reminds us that as our sin abounded, the grace of God abounded even more.

If God had to bury your sin in a pit; how deep would His pit need to be? His pit for all my sin would need to be very deep.

His grace truly is Amazing. We never quite understand how amazing until will stop and think about every sin we have ever committed is covered by His grace.

And, not only our sin, but the sins of the entire world. Now that really is amazing.

Be encouraged today in knowing that your sin is covered by the grace of God. Don’t let satan tell you otherwise. Don’t let satan try to convince you that God does not love you and that your sins cannot be forgiven.

He is a liar. God has buried your sin in His pit and has covered them with His grace.

Riley Pippen