Don’t Throw Your Vote Away

Posted By on November 8, 2016

“Let Your mercy, O LORD, be upon us, Just as we hope in You.” Psalm 33:22, NKJV

Our hope is in the Lord for our nation turn back to Him and back to the principles that she was founded upon.

As Americans we have been given the right and the privilege to speak our voice through our vote concerning the decisions and direction of this great nation.

The vote that you have in your hand is personal and powerful and you should not consider throwing it away.

The vote you have in your hand was given to you by the countless brave men and women who have given their life defending your right to vote today. Don’t throw your vote away.

You have the right not to vote as much as you have the right to vote. However, don’t throw your vote away by not voting. Someone gave their life on some foreign soil so you could vote today.

What we have seen and heard about these candidates may be disgusting and disappointing but we must not throw our vote away.

We may see a way to express our disgust by voting for someone else that clearly and traditionally cannot win but we must be careful not to throw our vote away.

The future of our children and their children is far too valuable to throw away our vote.

Pray for God’s leadership as you go to vote and vote by His leadership and let us all focus on our hope in the Lord for this great nation to have leaders that would help return this nation to His principles.


Riley Pippen

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