Life Has Many Lessons

Posted By on December 3, 2019

Life Has Many Lessons

“The ear that hears the rebukes of life will abide among the wise. He who disdains instruction despises his own soul, but he who heeds rebuke gets understanding. The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, And before honor is humility.” Proverbs 15:31-33, NKJV

We can learn from every experience in our life, even our mistakes. In fact, we may learn more from our mistakes than we do our successes. That is, if we are willing to accept correction and not ignore correction, especially when it comes from the Lord.

This Proverb tells us that will be counted among the wise when we receive rebuke and correction from the lord. It also says that if we ignore the correction, we must hate our own souls. The Lord’s correction is for our own good. It is usually up to us as to how far the Lord will have to carry our correction.

In every success, the Lord would like for us to learn a valuable lesson. In every mistake, the Lord would like for us to learn a valuable lesson. We must learn to listen to Him intently and look for the lessons. They are there. We must simply ask Him to reveal the lesson to us and then accept what we have learned from Him as a blessing.

The only thing worse than the original mistake is to not learn from that mistake. Learn quickly from the Lord and you will gain valuable understanding.

Riley Pippen