Can Things Get Any Worse?

Posted By on December 27, 2019

Can Things Get Any Worse?

“…that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast the word of life…” Philippians 2:15-16, NKJV

In light of the current world events, one might ask, “Can it get any worse?” I not only think it can, I think it will. Paul wrote the scripture that I used today, in the first century. Paul said that in his day, the world was crooked and perverse.

I wonder how Paul would describe the day in which you and I are living. As we look upon the global stage today, we see evil and hatred being unleashed. Innocent people are being murdered in the streets and Christians are being killed just because they are Christians.

The current world leaders seem almost paralyzed by fear and ignorance on how to deal with such evil. The controlling force behind such evil is none other than satan himself. Even God Himself was unable to negotiate with satan as he began unleashing his terror upon mankind thousands of years ago. The Bible tells us that God kicked Lucifer (satan) out of heaven as he rebelled against the one who created him.

We should not be surprised by what we see happening today. The Bible even predicted that this, and much worse, would and will take place.

What are we, especially as Christians, to do in such a “perverse generation”, as Paul called it? Our scripture is clear that we are to continue to live as children of God, or Christians, as we normally refer to ourselves.

As we do that, we are to let our life shine as lights into this world that is darkened by the evil we see. We also are to hold onto the Word of God and hold forth the Word of God that the world may see that our only hope is to found in Jesus Christ that is so clearly portrayed in our Bible.

Christians, do not lose hope and do not give up. God is on His throne and is in full control of His world. Let us continue to do as this scripture encourages us to do.

Riley Pippen