Posted By on September 9, 2017

Here is an update on my recently published book, “Manna For The Morning”.
First let me tell you how much I appreciate your kind words and response to the publication. This has been a 3 year process.
Many of you responded to the original post with your desire for one or more of the books. I am humbled by your request for the book and also highly honored that many of you ask that I sign your book. I am be both humbled and excited to fulfill your requests.
The book will eventually be available on Amazon and other online sites. Our website, will soon have those links available.
For now, I would like to get your book or books for you and if you request, put a personal note inside your book. Many have said they were planning on giving this book to family or friends as a Christmas gift.
Please respond to with the official number of books you would like and if you would like a personal note inside your book.
The publisher has set the price for this book at $17.99. If you are local to the Kilgore area there will not be a need for shipping costs. We will get the book to you. If you are not in the Kilgore area, I will be happy to mail the book to you and the shipping cost will be $4.00.
I will be ordering the books in about 2 to 3 weeks so I need your response so I can order the correct amount of books. Please email me with the number of books you would like for me to get for you and if you would like a personal note inside your book. Please use the email
Again, thank you very much for your kind responses and your interest in this book.
God Bless,
Bro. Riley