A Great Prayer For The New Year

Posted By on December 31, 2015

cross2A Great Prayer For The New Year

“……..and that You would keep me from evil”, 1 Chronicles 4:10, NKJV

These words are part of the famous prayer that Jabez prayed that can be found in the Old Testament. There is much that we can learn in that very short prayer but I have selected only a portion of that prayer for today’s devotional.

We are tempted every day of our lives and we are tempted many times during the day by the devil whose ultimate plan is to completely wreck our lives.

We will be tempted many times in this coming year but how we handle those temptations is what will be most important.

In the New Testament, Jesus taught us to pray this way; “And lead us not unto temptation”. Jesus knew that we would face all kinds of temptation and we would be wise if we would pray for deliverance from such temptation.

So it is in this Old Testament verse. We are taught that we should pray for God to keep us from evil. That is good advice for any of us.

Even faithful Christians are tempted every day. Temptation can come from many different directions in our life. The devil knows our weaknesses and he will always attack those weaknesses and not our strengths.

It is wise for us to pray every day that God would keep us from those evil influences that come into our lives. God knows what they are and He sees them coming before we do so it is good for us to follow the advice of both Jabez and Jesus and pray that God would keep us from the evil that is around us.

Riley Pippen